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10 key actions for HVAC systems as staff return to work following lockdown

Our in-house HVAC expert, Matt Banks, has put together the below actions for HVAC systems as staff return to work, from guidance published by CIBSE (The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers).

These recommendations aim to help you reduce transmission risks of covid-19 in your built environment;

  1. You are likely to be more susceptible to the virus in badly ventilated areas.
  2. Try to have areas ventilated with fresh air where possible.
  3. Try to dilute internal air where possible.
  4. Air con that usually runs on recirculation, set this to run on full and using outside air where possible.
  5. Mechanical heat recovery units to be set to 400PPM and systems left to run for longer than usual, possibly all the time at a lower air change rate when no persons are about.
  6. Try to not circulate air from one room to another.
  7. Try to keep air moving in poor stagnant air rooms. Recirculation fans are good.
  8. Educate people in the area on why equipment needs to stay on, even if uncomfortable.
  9. Keep filters and grilles that can get blocked clear.
  10. Improve filtration on HVAC equipment. Ideally HEPA filters.

To discuss implementing these actions for HVAC systems as staff return to work on your site and any queries you may have regarding your HVAC system, please get in touch via email or call our office on 01422 321772.

Staff are available for socially distanced site visits or via video call, we can work round your needs while making safety for all a priority.

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