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    Abel Systems Ltd Avoid Unnecessary Downtime

    Company: Abel Systems Ltd

    Abel Systems Ltd pride themselves on providing logistics solutions for large and small companies all over the UK. Their market leading demountable systems were developed in 1957 around the principles of simplicity and reliability. The system allows the truck bodies to be detached from the chassis and used as storage units. This distribution method is now well known for reducing costs and improving productivity in the supply chain.

    As Abel Systems Ltd have grown they have developed their customer offering to include chassis modifications, trailer manufacture, bodybuilding and painting. They really do provide a full service for commercial vehicles from standard builds to bespoke solutions.
    For more information call them on 01246 851175 or visit www.abelsystems.co.uk

    Project overview:

    Supplying and installing a new compressed air system following a major failure on their ageing duty air compressor.

    Abel Systems Ltd used one of our hire compressors to get production back up to full capacity and avoid unnecessary downtime while they waited for their new system.

    What was needed:

    Abel Systems Ltd had a major breakdown on their duty air compressor which significantly reduced production as their standby machine was undersized.

    Their duty air compressor was an Atlas Copco GA608 fixed speed machine. At 36 years old it had reached the point in its lifecycle where it was no longer economical to maintain and it was oversized for their current production demand.

    Abel Systems Ltd recognised their need for a new machine and contacted Simm Engineering Group. We advised them to invest in a new Atlas Copco variable speed drive air compressor to ensure their system was reliable and energy efficient.

    What we did:

    Within hours of a site visit we had installed a hire compressor to get production back up to full capacity.

    Once this was installed, we were able to conduct a free energy audit over 7 days. The data logging report looked at compressed air demand, pressure and current over a seven-day period, identifying energy costs and where savings could be made.

    From this we designed, supplied and installed a compressed air system to meet their exact requirements, including the following equipment:

    • Atlas Copco GA26VSD+FF variable speed air compressor
    • 1000L Atlas Copco galvanised air receiver
    • Atlas Copco UD100+ two stage coalescing air filter
    • Atlas Copco OSC95 oil/water separator
    • Atlas Copco EWD auto drain

    Key benefits:

    • The air compressor hire supplied by Simm Engineering Group meant Abel Systems Ltd avoided unnecessary downtime
    • The flexibility of an in-stock hire machine meant that production was maintained even through the disruption caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic
    • Replacing a fixed speed air compressor with an Atlas Copco VSD+ air compressor can deliver 50% energy savings
    • The new Atlas Copco GAVSD+FF automatically adjusts its motor speed to the air demand, only working when you need it
    • The modern equipment has a much smaller footprint taking up less space in the workshop
    • Reduced noise. Running at only 67 dB it is easy to hold a conversation next to the air compressor

    Why Simm Engineering Group?

    We were able to install a hire compressor within hours of the initial site visit. With over 250 pieces of equipment in our hire fleet, including air compressors, vacuum pumps and chillers, we are ready to react when our customers need us. Our focus is helping customers to avoid unnecessary downtime.

    For Abel Systems Ltd this was exactly what they needed – the company who could get them back up and running the fastest.

    Another happy customer

    “From start to finish Andrew at Simm recognised the importance of maintaining production at 100%.

    “The prompt supply of a hire machine helped us to do this whilst we waited for our new machine to be installed.”
    Andy Hawksworth, General Manager, Abel Systems Ltd


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