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Air Cooled Chillers

What is an air cooled chiller?

Chillers are used to transfer undesired heat energy into the atmosphere during manufacturing and other industrial processes.

With air cooled chillers the waste heat is released into the air. This is why you see them sited on building roofs or in car parks, they need access to a lot of fresh air

As the heat is released into the air, there is no need for cooling towers, so air cooled chillers tend to have small footprints. It also means they can be used where there is insufficient water supply or water is an expensive amenity.

The YORK Amichi range

The YORK Amichi range gives performance without compromise, things to know about this range:

  • The Amichi Chiller range can be used as a single unit or modular system to meet larger cooling requirements
  • Flexibility on sizes – footprint or cooling capacity
  • Connectivity – to additional YORK/ JCI products or site controls and equipment
  • Available with or without an integral Chilled Water Pump
  • Many Factory options available to suit the customer application and environment
  • Dependable warranty and aftersales support

The Parker Hyperchill range

These are point of use application chillers and have a proven track record for reliability. The key benefits of this range:

  • Small footprint. Packaged point of use equipment.
  • Robust and reliable. Parker Hyperchill units are rigorously tested in all working conditions.
  • Good efficiency compared to competitor products
  • Easy to install, manage and maintain. Electronic controllers make them easy to manage, while an easy service design means less maintenance headaches in the future.
  • Established brand in the point of use market
  • Parker offer a low and higher pressure integral cooling pump to meet site applications

Industrial applications

There are many industries where chillers are in common use, such as:

  • Automotive – welding, injection moulding, laser cutting
  • Biogas and natural gas treatment
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical processes
  • Food and drink – manufacturing, printing, packaging
  • Manufacturing – electroplating baths
  • Medical imaging systems
  • Plastics – processing
  • Printing – including flexographic printing systems
  • Welding engineering

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