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    Atlas Copco’s new vacuum controller HEX@

    Atlas Copco has a well-deserved reputation for creating industry-leading products – and the newly released HEX@ is no exception.

    Set to be the industrial vacuum controller of the future, the HEX@ is an augmented control centre for vacuum pumps and vacuum systems in a wide range of applications.

    Its benefits are many, from increased performance and functionality to better connectivity and system integration. User friendly, the HEX@ makes it easier to access your vacuum system remotely, whether from inside or outside the factory.

    User interface

    The user interface of the HEX@ is intuitive to use, allowing you to access important data from the home screen. Additional settings and controls can be found on the on-display menu; this includes data such as power consumption, discharge temperature and inlet pressure. Customers can also configure the controller so that it only shows the specific information they require.

    Excellent connectivity

    Whatever your preferred way of accessing data – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – a HEX@-enabled vacuum pump will meet your needs. You can even access information through an onboard HMI interface or a local device plugged into the machine or connected via WiFi.

    The system can simply be connected to your own network, or you can connect to the cloud to receive automatic software updates and remote support from Atlas Copco technicians.

    Evaluation on four fronts

    Atlas Copco has set out four indicators that can be used to quickly assess the operation of a vacuum system and evaluate the impact of any changes that are made. These are:

    • Uptime – this records how long a pump will run without failures
    • Performance – this measures whether the pump is meeting customer-set targets
    • ECO – this offers data about the efficiency potential of the pump, for example whether it is using more energy than is necessary
    • Health – this looks at any failures, and alerts customers when improvements can be made

    These four measurements contribute to the HEX@ Insight Cards, offering information and suggestions for optimising the system. All of the above help to reduce energy consumption, saving you money at a time of rapidly rising energy prices and reducing your carbon footprint. They also extend the lifespan of your pump and reduce the amount of maintenance required.

    Ease of operation

    The HEX@ allows you to easily monitor, control and optimise your vacuum system. You can save your pump settings as a ‘mode’ to be recalled when required, while smart functionalities such as Trends allow the comparison of historic and current data.

    A plug-and-play system, all HEX@ requires is an ethernet cable to set up. Once up and running, it has a secure web-based interface to connect your pumps and enjoy remote access.

    Allowing you to access the information and insights you need to optimise the operation of your vacuum pump, the HEX@ will give you greater and better control, future-proofing your vacuum system.

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