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    Dave Jones retires from PPS

    Yesterday, we said goodbye to Dave Jones who has retired from PPS.

    Whether you have worked with Dave directly or not, you certainly would’ve benefited from the part he has played in our sales team.

    We asked him a few parting questions before he left…

    How long you have worked for PPS?

    “It’s been 12 years, I started in February 2010.”

    Have you always worked in Capital Equipment Sales?

    “Yes, most of my working life. Although, when I first started in compressed air, I was involved with everything from nuts and olives, pneumatic circuit design, through to all things in compressed air generation.”

    How has the business changed in your time here?

    “It has changed enormously. We have gone from a single depot in Halifax that was so cramped it was difficult to shut the doors, to a superb HQ in Brighouse, with all the mod cons (having said that, with everything going on, it’s already getting quite tight again in certain areas!).

    “We are now a multi branch operation and our staff of 27 in 2010 is now approaching 90.”

    What’s been the best bit of the job?

    “Several areas.

    “Working alongside a great team who are always willing to help. People make the business and that is clear to see at PPS.

    “Being part of the exponential growth of PPS, a business that cares passionately about customer satisfaction and keeping the customers going at all times.

    “Also, the energy reduction, the PPS energy auditing team have identified and saved so much energy over the years (over a million tons of carbon), replacing old inefficient fixed speed compressors with Variable Speed Drive machines. Most of what we sell nowadays is VSD, great for the customer and especially great for the planet.”

    How would you describe PPS in one word?

    “Outstanding. PPS care about customers, always going the extra mile, and they care about their staff. This combination produces a great working relationship.”

    How will you spend your time?

    “I like to keep moving, so a lot more exercise including golf, and I’ve just started playing table tennis again since my youth club years. All the jobs that were done at the weekend will now be done through the week. And of course, there will be more holidays.”

    Any parting comments?

    “I will miss it. The customers, the team, the challenges and the interesting and varied applications that I worked on.

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this forward-thinking company and there is no doubt that the business will continue to flourish.

    “I wish you all the very best for the future and will miss you!”