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    F-Gas regulation update

    Have you checked your refrigerant dryer for R22 gas?

    Did you realise that on 1 January 2015 it became illegal to maintain and service equipment that uses R22 refrigerant gas, which includes some compressed air dryers?

    From 1 January 2015 it became illegal to use any HCFCs to service RAC equipment – so recycled or reclaimed HCFC may no longer be used.

    This means that it is permissible to carry on using equipment that contains HCFCs beyond the phase-out dates, but there must be no maintenance or servicing undertaken on the equipment that involves breaking into the refrigerant circuits.

    It is well known that legislation enforces the removal and replacement of all Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), including the ozone-depleting refrigerant gas R22 in equipment such as refrigeration and air conditioning systems, but less known is that it also applies to refrigerant dryers.

    If your current compressed air dryer uses R22 gas – and many old models do – you may still use it, but it is no longer legal to service it or to re-gas it.

    PPS can advise whether your dryer falls into this category or not, and can assist you with planning and installing a replacement dryer before yours breaks down

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