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Habasit UK saves energy and secures reliable compressed air supply


Located in Bingley, West Yorkshire, Habasit (UK) Ltd manufactures fabric-based conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and power transmission belts. Part of the Swiss Habasit Group, the company offers in-depth industry knowledge and exceptional service support, servicing a range of companies in sectors such as food and drink, printing and packaging, textile, wood and automotive. Pipework was replaced throughout the factory and a new Atlas Copco GA30VSD+ air compressor was installed to improve reliability and generate both energy and cost savings.

What was needed

The factory was relying on two ageing air compressors: a fixed speed air compressor that was around 30 years old and a variable speed air compressor of around seven to eight years old. As a result the factory was not receiving a consistent and reliable supply of compressed air, which could potentially impact production. The company was also looking for a new service quotation to better manage the maintenance schedule.

What we did

The first site visit took place in 2016 but it was in 2017 that Habasit committed to a data audit. This showed a potential reduction in energy usage from 133,500 kwhrs per annum to 75,150 kwhrs per annum, reducing annual energy costs from £7,249 to £4,077, a saving of £3,172 a year. As a result, PPS replaced the older fixed speed air compressor with a new Atlas Copco GA30VSD+, while keeping the newer variable speed air compressor as a back up. Additionally, the pipework was leaking air and was replaced throughout with new Transair pipework, and a new service agreement was put in place. “It was quite a long lead time from first approach,” says Richard Coates, Process Engineering Manager at Habasit. “We prevaricated because the old air compressors were at times all right and we had other priorities. But PPS held the prices for us from the date of the quotation, despite our delay in placing the order, which was very good of them.”

Why PPS?

The sales representatives and engineers from PPS working on the project all had experience of a wide range of air compressors, as well as the new Atlas Copco models. “We had several quotes and PPS came in with a good price,” says Richard Coates. “The clarity of the information that they provided was good and the advice was good. As a professional myself, I always seek out depth of experience when I’m looking for help, and they have a lot of knowledgeable staff on board, which I appreciated.”

Key benefits

Not only is the new air compressor generating more air at a lower price, but the system is also retaining more air as the leaks and inefficiencies have been eliminated from the pipework. Habasit are also benefiting from the peace of mind that comes from having reliable machinery in place, and from the all-inclusive Guardian warranty, which means that any issues that arise will be dealt with at no extra cost to the customer. In addition, the servicing is set at a fixed price for the period of the warranty and remote monitoring means that PPS is able to see straight away if any issues arise. “The benefits are that we have more capable and reliable machinery, which saves energy and offers a more consistent supply to the factory. The main driver for us was that our production processes are reliant on a consistent air supply, which our elderly unreliable equipment and inconsistent air supply were not able to provide.”

“I’m very happy with the service provided by PPS. They are all really professional, from the sales people to the installation engineers. I love their work ethic, they always arrived on time and got on with the job. I was pleased and impressed with the whole job from start to finish and I’d be happy to recommend their services.”
Richard Coates, Process Engineering Manager at Habasit