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    Integraflex Yorkshire – Made in Sheffield

    When you see the words Made in Sheffield attached to a company and its products, you know you are looking at a mark of quality.

    This is why Integraflex Yorkshire became a Made in Sheffield licence holder – to demonstrate the company’s commitment to producing high-quality products that their customers can rely on.

    Made in Sheffield – a world-class brand

    Considered one of the world’s great brands, Made in Sheffield is renowned across the globe as a mark of origin and quality.

    Sheffield is a successful 21st century City of Makers and the proud home of world-class businesses. With raw materials and water power on the doorstep, Sheffield has always historically been particularly suited to the manufacture of products with a cutting edge – the original definition of the word “cutlery”.

    Concerned that the Made in Sheffield mark of quality was open to misuse by manufacturers elsewhere in the world, the Sheffield Defence Committee was created in the early 1900s. Charged with defending the good name of Sheffield, this partnership organisation comprised the Cutlers Company, the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council. The word “Sheffield” was even registered as a trademark to protect its use in manufacturing.

    Today Sheffield remains at the cutting edge for industries that deal in metal products and advanced technology, and is home to outstanding companies of global renown.

    The Made in Sheffield brand has been applied to a diverse range of industries, from advanced manufacturing and materials technology to food, biomedical and healthcare technology, to the creative and digital industries.

    The benefits of the Made in Sheffield brand

    As leaders in their field, companies like Integraflex Yorkshire are a key part of the South Yorkshire city’s rich manufacturing heritage.

    The Made in Sheffield mark is not simply a marketing tool: it’s a symbol of the region’s continuing commitment to excellence. It allows those in the producer sector to promote the strengths of the city’s brand, building on the past for the benefit of present and future generations of Sheffield businesses.

    You can rely on a Made in Sheffield company to supply your company with products and services that are a cut above the rest when it comes to quality and reliability.

    British manufacturing at its best

    Proud to support British manufacturing, Integraflex Yorkshire boasts a team that has unrivalled  experience in specifying and manufacturing industrial hose and fittings.

    From its offices in Sheffield, Integraflex Yorkshire ships industrial hose assemblies and fittings nationally and internationally. Hose containers are designed and manufactured in-house to your exact specifications, and the company keeps large quantities of stock on site to save you shopping around.

    The core product lines are hoses and hose assemblies for industrial chemical and tanker fleets. The company also offers a gasket cutting facility.

    The experienced team at Integraflex Yorkshire can be trusted to be an integral part of your maintenance, safety and production team, offering speedy, cost-effective and safe solutions.

    Proudly displaying the Made in Sheffield mark of quality, Integraflex Yorkshire operates a business based on trust, integrity and flexibility.