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    Mark Sissons goes full circle, returning to Simm Engineering Group after 30 years in compressed air

    Name: Mark Sissons
    Job Title: Area Sales Manager


    Mark joined G.E.SIMM (Machinery) Ltd over 30 years ago when it had 3 divisions – mining, conveyor belts and compressed air. From starting in the mining division, then after a short stint in conveyor belts, Mark started working for the compressed air division of the company.

    Since then, he has not looked back and has built up over 30 years of experience with various firms in the compressed air industry.

    Throughout his career Mark has worked with a vast range of industries and supported many customers (big and small) with their compressed air systems. One of his biggest projects was working with Rolls Royce, to design the compressor control system for every UK site.

    He has always worked with Yorkshire based firms and we are thrilled to welcome him back to the Simm Engineering Group team, coming back to where his compressed air journey began!


    “I work on capital sales for compressed air. That can mean anything from sizing a small compressor for a workshop to bigger plant room re-fits with larger ring main systems. Some days it will be developing control systems for multiple compressor installations or even pneumatic problem solving.

    “I also focus on improving air quality and helping customers to improve their productivity. For me, it’s more than just ‘selling compressors’, it’s finding solutions for customers. Solving problems and seeing customers succeed through the solutions we provide is what I see as my role.

    “It’s great to be on board with PPS and Simm Engineering Group, who also have the same aims – to help customers find the best solutions and unleash their productivity.”

    Most rewarding part of the job:

    “The most rewarding part is exactly that – finding solutions for customers and seeing when it all comes together and works right! It’s all about building trust with customers and offering people an honest and genuine service. Seeing production thrive and problems being solved through the service I can offer is really rewarding.”

    When not at work you’ll find him:

    “Most likely on the golf course or a squash court, I’m a very active person and always need to be doing something! I’m also very competitive so love to take part in squash and golf competitions. Not just competing against others, but working to improve and better myself.

    “I think doing sport is brilliant for your mind. It gives you a great release from the everyday, you forget any problems and it does your character a lot of good!”



    Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-sissons-145a93203/

    Give him a call: 07454 279703