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Mick Wood retires from PPS

Today Mick Wood, a PPS compressor spares team stalwart, retires. If you haven’t spoken to or worked with Mick directly you will still have benefitted from his work, he has been a key player in ensuring we have the stock you need to avoid downtime.

We got him to answer a few questions before we let him go off to enjoy his retirement…

How long you have worked for PPS?

“I’ve been with PPS for about 5 and a half years.”

Have you always worked in compressor spares?

“Yes, I’ve spent the last 5 and a half years supporting our engineers and looking after the compressor spares team. Most of my time here has been as Compressor Spares Supervisor, which I have now happily handed over to Richard Ambrose.

“The job has been a bit of everything – identifying and picking parts, quoting for spares from phone calls and emails, as well as purchasing.

“It’s key in the stores to make sure we have the right stock; we carry a large stock for Atlas Copco compressors so we are always prepared for routine servicing and unexpected breakdowns.”Mick Wood Retires

How has the business changed in your time here?

“My word, it’s certainly nothing like it was when I joined at Pellon Lane, so much more structured for one.

“Everything has grown and developed. At Pellon Lane we got to the point where the space didn’t work for the spares department any more. It’s hard to control and track items in a space that is open to all team members.

“In Brighouse we are more organised and the process is traceable. We have much better systems to support us in this as well, better functionality.”

What’s been the best bit of the job?

“After Friday night at 4pm and payday I would say the people – ha! No really, it has been the people. They are friendly, welcoming and a good bunch to work with on the whole!”

How would you describe PPS in one word?


How will you spend your time?

“I’ve got family to keep me busy, helping to look after my two grandchildren – Theo and Isla. There is also the Cricket Club and the Bowling Club. I am Groundsman/Dogs Body/Mug at SBCI Cricket Club and I’m also involved with Sowerby Bowling Club. I’m of an age now where I can join in with the vets and play in the afternoon!

Any parting comments?

“I will miss it and find it strange – I have enjoyed my time here playing a small part in PPS’s story. What I am really looking forward to is having the time to do what I want when I want to, although I will maybe have to run that by my wife, Pamela!”