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    Our Guide to Compressed Air Leaks

    Do you know how much money you are wasting in compressed air leaks?

    Thousands of pounds could be wasted in your company every year.

    A compressed air leak the size of a match head (1.6mm) wastes enough energy in an eight-hour working day to toast 444 slices of bread.

    The energy wasted from a compressed air leak the size of a match head is responsible for yearly CO2 emissions equal to the weight of four Ford Fiestas.

    With a comprehensive leak detection survey we can tag every leak detected and issue a comprehensive report detailing how much air and energy is wasted annually.

    The leak detection is carried out using a hand-held ultrasound detector. These detectors locate leaks that are inaudible to the human ear.

    A recent survey at a major engineering company in Yorkshire identified the following:

    57 leaks located, tagged and recorded

    • £25k loss in energy to feed the leaks per annum
    • The above accounted for 161K + Kg of COper annum
    • All leaks were repaired by Pennine Pneumatic Services
    • The repair costs had a 12-week payback period

    To arrange your leak detection survey, contact: service@pps.co.com