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Sam Weller Ltd upgrade for energy efficiency and higher capacity


Based in Thongsbridge, West Yorkshire, Sam Weller Ltd is a leading decatising wrapper manufacturer of world renown. Founded in 1911, the company supplies companies in the cloth-finishing sector with decatising wrappers – permanent finishes to high-quality wool and other fabrics through a process of applying steam under pressure. The business also weaves high-pick density cotton fabric. Clients include those in the fashion, bed, blanket, household cloth, art, engineering and rubber industries. The project involved replacing an Atlas Copco GA7FF Tank air compressor with an Atlas Copco GA11VSD+FF air compressor for improved energy efficiency and higher capacity.

What was needed

Sam Weller was running a fixed-speed GA7FF Tank air compressor, but needed additional capacity. There was also the potential for energy savings, by switching to a newer, more efficient model, with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Paul Townend from Sam Weller said: “I was keeping an eye on our old air compressor and it was clearly flat out all the time.”

What we did

The first action was to data log the existing air compressor to analyse use and capacity. It was recommended that the company invest in an Atlas Copco GA11VSD+FF air compressor, with a galvanised receiver as this avoids issues with internal rust and extends the life of the machine. The customer also chose to take advantage of the nine-year Guardian cover option, as it offered a fixed monthly payment that included both the servicing and breakdown cover.

Why PPS?

The company already had a good working relationship with PPS going back around 20 years. Over time, PPS has replaced the original 5kw air compressor with a 7½ kw air compressor before this latest upgrade to an 11kw machine.

Key benefits

Data logging has shown that major savings can be expected of the new air compressor. It is also a quieter running machine and more efficient. “The new air compressor has been ticking over nicely,” says Paul Townend. “I often walk past the machine and I can see that it’s only working when needed. It allows us to keep up with our air supply now and into the future as we increase our requirements.”

“The process was no trouble at all and the engineers were very efficient,” says Paul Townend. “There was a five-minute change over period from taking the old compressor out and putting the new one in, so no downtime with loss of production. We’ve always had a good relationship with the company, the spares and servicing provision is excellent, and any time we’ve had a breakdown they come out straight away for us. We’re certainly happy to keep working with PPS.”
Paul Townend, Sam Weller Ltd