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    Our People

    PPS – Air Compressor Distributors – Our team of compressed air experts

    We are PPS, a compressor distributor with a combined total of more than 200 years in the industry, the PPS team boasts a wealth of expertise in all aspects of air compression.

    We work with business of all sizes across the UK – contact one of our representatives and we’ll be happy to help.

    Compressor Distributor - Matt O'Connor

    Matt O'Connor

    Managing Director

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: matt.oconnor@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Nigel Smith

    Commercial Director

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: nigel.smith@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Alan Kerr

    Alan Kerr

    Service Director

    T: 0114 244 0764

    E: alan.kerr@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Dan Royle

    Dan Royle

    Head Of Operations

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: dan.royle@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Craig Simper

    Craig Simper

    PPS Group Financial Controller

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: craig.simper@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Andy Martlew

    Andy Martlew

    Sales Manager

    T: 0114 244 0764

    E: andrew.martlew@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Graham Keenan

    Graham Keenan

    Pneumatics Manager

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: graham.keenan@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Nick Forth

    Nick Forth

    PPS Hull (Norman Walker) Branch Manager

    T: 01482 493982

    E: nick.forth@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Andy Kershaw

    PPS Leigh Branch Manager

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: andy.kershaw@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Mark Brooks

    PPS Alfreton (Compcon) Branch Manager

    T: 01773 833 443

    E: mb@compcon.co.uk

    Rachel Clegg

    Installations Team Manager

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: rachel.clegg@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Jake Driver

    Jake Driver

    Purchasing Manager

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: jacob.driver@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Yvonne Gianoncelli

    Yvonne Gianoncelli

    Senior Office Administrator

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: yvonne.gianoncelli@pps-ltd.co.uk

    Compressor Distributor - Kim Martlew

    Kim Martlew

    Marketing Manager

    T: 01422 321 772

    E: kim.martlew@pps-ltd.co.uk