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    Air Compressor Monitoring

    SMARTLINK from Atlas Copco is an air compressor monitoring programme that allows you to:


    How does it work?

    SMARTLINK gathers and analyses data from your compressed air system. It allows you to monitor the status of your compressed air equipment remotely, at any time of the day or night.

    Traditionally staff have to visit the air compressor room and check over equipment manually, keeping track of servicing and running hours in a log book. With SMARTLINK, you can leave the software to do its job and receive alerts when problems arise or work is needed. This reduces admin and leads to better efficiency in the workplace.

    What specific issues can SMARTLINK identify?

    SMARTLINK air compressor monitoring can alert you to a variety of problems within your system, for example:

    • High dewpoint temperature on a dryer caused by a fault
    • High temperature readings recorded on the failing element of an old air compressor
    • Inefficiently high element readings traced back to poor ventilation in the compressor room
    • Air compressors running at low ambient temperature due to freezing weather

    Manufacturer using air compressor monitoring software on a computer

    A licence tailored to your needs:


    SMARTLINK Service:

    • Track the vital signs of your air compressor on a weekly basis and keep up to date with the service needs of each machine and planned visits.

    SMARTLINK Uptime:

    • All service data but with added health information and notifications, available by email and SMS – be notified when it happens.

    SMARTLINK Energy:

    • Includes insights into energy consumption, evolution and efficiency. Track how much energy you save and your CO2 reduction. Show compliance with ISO 50001. Uniquely based on your production & working conditions.

    Pick your plan: