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    Energy efficient, environmentally friendly and value for money, air dryers maintain the quality of your equipment and products, keeping them free of contaminants.

    Installing an air dryer will help to:

    • Prevent product spoilage
    • Work against pipework corrosion
    • Protect pneumatic equipment
    • Increase the lifespan of your air compressor
    • Prevent premature failure of air tools, air cylinders and Solenoid valves
    • Reduce breakdowns and costly down time
    • Lower your carbon footprint

    Atlas Copco refrigerant dryers

    Which type of dryer should I buy?

    Whatever your application, we can offer advice on the best equipment for your needs from our range of dryers, filters and oil/water separators.

    There are models to fit in restricted spaces or where flexible mounting is required, as well as in areas where there is high vibration or fluctuating/extreme temperatures. Dew points range from the standard 3°C down to -70°C.

    As a leading Atlas Copco authorised distributor, we supply the latest energy-efficient dryer models, including:

    • Refrigerant air dryers – these have two heat exchangers (air-to-air heat and air-to-refrigeration), which prevent condensate forming.
    • Desiccant air dryers – also called adsorption dryers, regenerative dryers or twin tower dryers. The air is filtered through internal towers, with a desiccant to remove the water. They offer heat regeneration, air and steam applications.
    • Membrane air dryers – water vapour is removed by a bundle of membranes with hollow fibres, then vented outside the machine by gas or collected on the membrane coating for disposal.

    Supply and installation

    Air dryers, line filters and condensate management systems such as oil/water separators can be supplied and installed for you with the minimum of fuss and a manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

    With optimum reliability and minimum maintenance, our energy-efficient air dryers will give you a fast return on investment.

    Atlas Copco FX Refrigerant Dryers

    The Atlas Copco FX refrigerant dryer comes in a wide range of sizes and can achieve a pressure dew point of +3°C/+37°F. It is a reliable, cost effective and easy to use solution that can be either a standalone machine or integrated into a compressor unit. A digital dew point display provides peace of mind monitoring.

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    Atlas Copco FD Refrigerant Dryers

    The Atlas Copco FD refrigerant dryer has been designed to provide high quality compressed air while achieving a pressure dew point of +3°C/+37°F. FD dryers meet or exceed the international standards for compressed air purity and are tested according to ISO 7183:2007. With easy installation, long maintenance intervals and energy saving features this range of dryers has everything you would expect from Atlas Copco.

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    Atlas Copco FD (VSD)+ Refrigerant Dryers

    The FD (VSD)+ range of refrigerant dryers are designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency with a very low internal pressure drop and the lowest power consumption. The innovative technology used enables you to achieve average energy savings of 50%. This range is perfect for customers looking for reliable equipment with a low cost of ownership.

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    Atlas Copco SD Membrane Dryers

    Atlas Copco SD membrane dryers perform where others can’t. In small spaces, in high vibration areas or in widely fluctuating temperatures, these dryers can still achieve a pressure dew point of -20°C/-4°F. They can be used in environments with strict safety or environmental requirements such as; noise sensitive areas, corrosion sensitive areas, areas without electricity supply or in low flow environments. An innovative, reliable and efficient product.

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    Atlas Copco Desiccant Dryers CD+/BD+/XD+

    When complete protection from moisture damage to your application is required, a desiccant dryer delivers total reliability. This series of dryers from Atlas Copco can achieve pressure dew points between -40°C/-40°F and -70°C/-100°F and are ideally suited to electronic, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The innovative design allows for a small footprint dryer, with high energy efficiency that extends the maintenance intervals beyond the standard three years thanks to the use of high-grade desiccant.

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