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    Energy Audits

    Energy saving solutions – with no downtime

    Our free energy audits and surveys can be carried out during normal working hours without interrupting production time.

    What does an Energy Audit involve?

    At PPS, we have a wealth of industry knowledge and the expertise to understand the best system for your specific requirements.

    Your Energy Auditing programme will be precisely geared to your individual environment and objectives. Our experienced engineers will identify potential energy savings and make recommendations to improve your systems.

    Our Energy Audit Team will assess your existing system, take detailed readings, analyse the results and advise you on the optimum solutions, such as:

    • Replacing a conventional fixed speed drive system with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor, to increase efficiency and save on costs in the long term
    • Installing an air compressor that features the latest GA VSD+ technology from Atlas Copco, which is designed to match air output to actual demand on any given compressor and can pay for itself very quickly
    • Advising on our health & safety portfolio of air testing equipment, air leakage analysis and written schemes of examination
    • Recommending heat exchange systems for feeding waste heat from the compressor back into the system for central heating or water
    • Fixing air leaks on supply lines and production machines – this is a common problem that many customers are not aware of and can result in significant increases in air consumption if not addressed

    What do we start with?

    We offer a free data logging service with site survey. This is non-intrusive and does not interrupt production. From this we gain an accurate account of your plant’s compressed air demand, pressure and cycle over a seven-day period, identifying energy costs and where savings can be made. Data logging equipment can be installed on up to six compressors at any one time.

    Data logger being set up before taking to site

    The site survey of your existing compressed air plant, allows us to offer advice on potential areas of improvement, recommendations and service costs for your equipment.

    A full presentation will be given on completion with recommendations and quotations.

    Air Leak Audits

    In addition, you may wish to invest in an ultrasonic leak detection survey. Leaks in your compressed air system are money wasted. You might have leaks on your ring main, flexible air lines, valves or cylinders, but without the right equipment they can be hard for you to detect.

    A trained operator carrying out a full survey on your compressed air system, using an ultra-sonic air-leak detection gun, can on average detect a 20% loss in your compressed air through leakage. This inefficiency is costly and can shorten the life of your equipment.
    Our surveys will include a calculation of your potential savings, taking into account your site, electricity costs, production hours and the size of the motors running your compressors. This will be presented to you with a factory plan pinpointing the leak locations.

    Reduce your carbon footprint

    Not only do Energy Audits often result in major cost savings, but they can also lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Better for you – and better for the planet.

    We have a long history of helping companies reduce their carbon footprint and offering fully accredited energy saving services.

    To book your free energy audit, contact us today »