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    We hope you will find the answers you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions. However, if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our expert team will be happy to help you.

    Do you service compressors other than those made by Atlas Copco?

    Yes. Despite being an Atlas Copco premier distributor, our experienced engineers are trained to carry out service work on all brands of air compressors. We can supply genuine and non-genuine parts for brands such as BOGE, Compair, Ingersoll Rand and more.

    Do you hire out compressors?

    We do. Whether you require long-term solutions or emergency hire, we have you covered. Our large stock covers a variety of sizes and specifications to keep your production running efficiently.

    Do you offer complete service contracts for sites?

    We have various service and maintenance contracts available. Whether you’re wanting to fix maintenance costs for a short period, or are after complete peace of mind for your production, our contract options can be tailored to suit your needs. Have a look at our Service Contracts page for full information.

    Do you supply spare parts?

    Yes, our well-stocked sales counters are full of pneumatic parts and machine spares. Parts include pneumatic fittings, cylinders, valves, hoses & tubing and air filtration and regulators, and we stock a range of industry leading brands such as Norgren, Camozzi, PCL and ABAC. Look at our opening times if you are wanting to visit.

    Can I drop off a faulty machine for you to look at?

    You can. We aim to assess your machine in our workshop within 24 hours before giving you feedback and a quote.

    Do you have compressors in stock?

    Yes. We keep an extensive stock of compressors to help combat long lead times for our customers. Our stock offers hobby size through to large industrial units, with new and used machinery available.

    How often should an air compressor be serviced?

    All air compressor servicing is tailored to prolong the life of the air compressor, and to avoid downtime and unexpected breakdowns. Some customers we visit monthly, and others we visit yearly, depending on how many hours the compressor has been running and the level of production. You can download our air compressor maintenance checklist that contains the essential weekly, monthly and quarterly checks you can look at yourself.

    How often should I change the oil in my compressor? What kind of oil should I use?

    There is no one answer, as it all depends on the type of oil you use and how your machinery is running. Most recommendations will be based on running hours and time. If in doubt, ask for advice from our engineers, or book a regular service slot and we can look after the oil change for you. Find out more on the best oil to use in your air compressor.

    How often should I change my compressed air filters?

    A compressor runs cooler and uses less energy when air filters are clean. Dirty, clogged filters can lead to pressure drops, which causes the compressor to run at higher levels to accommodate the demand. Filter performance can also be affected by additional moisture, so it’s important to follow regular maintenance schedules and add supplementary checks for seasonal changes.

    Are you available 24/7? Do you provide emergency callout?

    Yes. If you don’t stop, we don’t, so our genuine emergency callout service is available 24/7. Save our emergency callout number for when you may need it: 0330 058 1099.

    What warranty is available for your compressors?

    Atlas Copco compressors come with a standard warranty of 12 months, however our service contracts come with up to 7 years warranty.

    Are there finance options available for buying equipment?

    We have a variety of finance options available when purchasing equipment, ranging from 2-5 years helping to preserve working capital.

    Can you install equipment?

    We can. Our in-house pipework and installation team work to carry out installations to the highest standard. We can manage your job from initial survey to final handover, so that your installation runs smoothly and efficiently, with minimum downtime or disruption to your production.

    Which air compressor is the most energy efficient?

    Atlas Copco have been at the forefront of compressor innovation for over 100 years. They manufacture market leading energy efficient air compressors with some of the lowest life cycle costs available.
    When it comes to the most energy efficient for your site, there is no one size fits all, as it depends on the application and production schedule. To find the best machine for you, our team can conduct a free energy audit to assess your existing system. From the audit, we can advise you on the optimum solution and an air compressor that will allow for maximum efficiency.

    Which air compressors are the quietest?

    By design, piston compressors are louder than rotary screw compressors. Atlas Copco compressors are known for their low noise levels and minimal disruption to the production floor. For example, VSDS compressors can run as low as 63 dB. This is below the 80 dBA level where employers are required to take action on machine noise. Our customers often feedback on how quiet the compressors are and how they can easily hold a conversation next to them.

    How do I choose and size an air compressor?

    When choosing the right compressor, it helps to understand PSI and CFM, and how they’re used to specify the air compressors performance. Have a look at our guide to give you an overview. A free energy audit can help you establish what size compressor you need. From this we gain an accurate account of your plant’s compressed air demand, and can then recommend the best air compressor for your site.

    Why is air quality important?

    It is vitally important to the user that the compressed air is of the right quality. If contaminated air comes into contact with the final product, rejection costs can quickly become very high, and the cheapest solution soon becomes the most expensive. It is important that the compressed air quality is in line with the company’s quality policy. If you are wanting more advice on how to improve the quality of your air, our technical team can help.

    Is there a monitoring system available for your air compressors?

    Yes. Atlas Copco machines are available with SMARTLINK Remote Monitoring. This allows you to monitor the status of your equipment remotely, at any time of day or night. With SMARTLINK you can spot any issues before they arise, and reduce unplanned downtime and repairs.