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    Emergency call out

    Call us now on 0330 058 1099

    Avoid costly downtime with our genuine 24/7 emergency call out – available for both new and existing customers.

    Anyone who runs a business knows how costly downtime can be. If you need help in a hurry, call us and we will send out an engineer to resolve your problems – 24/7, 365 days of the year.

    We can fix a range of issues, including:

    • Air compressor that won’t build pressure or is overheating
    • Machinery that has stopped or won’t turn on
    • Loose, defective or burnt out components
    • Faulty pipework, air leaks
    • Excessive noise or oil consumption

    We will get you back up and running as quickly as possible and make recommendations to reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns.

    Compressor call-out team

    Our highly experienced technical engineers are on hand when you need a fast response.

    They attend regular training programmes with major suppliers and are experts in trouble shooting, repairing or replacing compressed air systems, vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators and pipework.

    Air compressor hire

    You can also hire air compressors and other equipment from us while longer term repairs are being carried out.

    Praise from our customers

    Not all compressed air suppliers are the same – technical expertise is our particular strength and our genuine 24/7 emergency call out is available to everyone, whether or not you are already a customer.

    “The breakdown could have meant a loss of production and sales. There were no ifs, no buts – your guys resolved the issue within a few hours, without having to wait five days for a part.”  Matt Carroll, Engineering Manager, SGL Co-Packing

    “It’s like going back in time and finding people who really care about doing the job well. Good customer service is rare in this day and age, and I can’t believe how helpful the team at PPS were.”  Gill Heleine, Director, Manzana Contracts (UK) Ltd

    “The engineers are competent and responsive, and the company is proactive and supportive whilst being competitive.”  John Dempsey, Manufacturing Systems/Facility Maintenance Team Leader, Airedale Air Conditioning

    While regular servicing and preventative maintenance can guard against breakdowns, every company needs emergency help from time to time.

    Call us now on 0330 058 1099