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    Consistency and investment give reliability and peace of mind for Cirteq Ltd

    Company: Cirteq

    Cirteq, part of Titgemeyer Group – a leading international fastening technology and transport technology company, have a history going back over 75 years in the manufacture of circlips and retaining rings.

    They play a significant role in the circlip and retaining ring marketplace, continuously developing innovative products, manufacturing processes and delivery systems in close collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers and automotive companies.


    Cirteq is one of PPS’ oldest and even first customers, having worked with Gary Whitaker for over 40 years. PPS has always ensured that Cirteq has the most efficient system for their production, and our service and maintenance contracts have kept their machines running and reliable for many decades.

    Compressed air system:

    Their compressed air system consists of four machines:

    • GA 608 – installed in 1977
    • GA 90 VSD – installed in 2011
    • GA 55 VSD+ – installed in 2015
    • GA 90 VSD+ – installed in 2019

    The three newer compressors, keep the production running efficiently and allow for great capacity in the factory.

    The machines run off a control system, ensuring their productivity is always maximised and allow for a constantly reliable source of compressed air.

    Their longest running compressor, now kept as a stand by unit was installed over 45 years ago, in 1977 and is still fired up every now and then to keep running. In 2018, the machine was one year off winning the Atlas Copco competition for Britain’s oldest, still running, oil-injected, 30-90kW, stationary compressor. An impressive achievement! They even have the original 1977 manual, still in pristine condition.

    Since being a PPS customer, Cirteq have always had a service and maintenance contract, using both our Guardian and Air Protect plans. This has given their compressed air system full protection and cover, as well as peace of mind over the production.

    Key benefits of being on a PPS service contract:

    • Ease of budgeting – fixed payments over the contract term make budgeting easier
    • Reliability – on average, customers with a compressor service plan in place enjoy 3.5% more production uptime than those without one
    • Complete peace of mind – the extended cover means Cirteq have one less thing to worry about

    Why Pennine Pneumatic Services?

    “It’s always been great to work with Cirteq and support them through the changes and history of the site. Their production has evolved a lot over the years, with them becoming more energy efficient and investing in more modern technology.

    “Their impressive 45-year-old Atlas Copco GA 608, shows the potential of what our service and maintenance contracts can do for a compressor, and also the reliability and robust design of the Atlas Copco machines.”

    Jen Kershaw – Aftermarket Sales, Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd

    Customer quote

    “PPS are a great team to work with. I have peace of mind and working with them takes something off my plate. They leave me knowing it’s left in good hands and that I know I don’t have to worry about the compressors or the plant room.

    “Without the compressors we wouldn’t run, so working with a company that gives me no headaches is all you want.”

    Bob Holinski, Facilities & Engineering Manager, Cirteq Ltd