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    Top five energy saving tips

    No company can afford to ignore the benefits of making energy efficiencies. Taking a few small but important steps can make a significant difference to your annual energy bills – as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint.compressed air is the 4th utility


    Here are our top five energy saving tips:

    1. Do you have blowguns in your works?

    The installation of a two-bar fixed regulator in the blowgun feed will reduce output pressure and save energy. Fitting a regulator can also be a safer option and help with noise reduction.

    2. All air systems will have leaks

    Whatever your system, you are probably losing air through leaks without even being aware of it. Instigating a programme of air leak detection and repair can noticeably increase the effectiveness of your system.

    3. Are you running your system pressure too high?

    You wouldn’t pay for two hours of parking if you’re only staying for 30 minutes, so why pay extra for unnecessary pressure? Identify the minimum pressure your system can run on and adjust your compressor settings to suit. If you are unsure, ask a professional to help set your system to the correct levels.

    4. Is your compressor left running when air is not needed?

    A 30kW compressor can consume approximately 11kW of electricity when off load, so taking measures will definitely save you energy – and money. There are two possible ways to save energy if this is happening:

    1. Delegate a member of staff to start and stop the compressor. The downside is that you have to rely on them to remember to do this.

    2. Install a time switch or controller to start and stop the compressor during lunch breaks and shifts. This is a more reliable method, as it’s automatic.

    5. Do you know if your compressor is the correct size for your needs?

    As the old saying goes, there’s no point in using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. So why waste money on running a compressor that doesn’t suit the needs of the job?


    Want to look further into air compressor energy savings?

    Our energy savings page brings together and summarises all our relevant advice pieces on how to make your compressed air system as efficient as possible. If you have any questions be sure to give us a call.