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    Atlas Copco VSDS: the next generation of compressor performance

    The GA VSDS from Atlas Copco is the third generation of their market leading VSD air compressors. It is the compressor for next generation able to support your sustainability and productivity goals both now and in the future.

    Dive in and find out more about this brand-new range…


    What gives this range the S?


    The GA VSDS can deliver up to 60% energy savings compared to fixed speed technology. If you include the option of built-in heat recovery, the saving can be as high as 80%. The advanced connectivity features present on this compressor help to maximise its efficiency.


    Alongside the double-digit energy savings, this range really has been built with a focus on sustainability in all areas. For example, there is a minimal number of components and extremely careful use of resources – the IE5 ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance motor does not rely on rare earth materials in its operation.

    Strong performance

    Compared to fixed speed equivalents the GA VSDS sees a 21% increase in Free Air Delivery (FAD). The FASR motor equals the IE5 standards and the inverter and motor exceed IES2 (EN 50598) requirements for power drive efficiency. You can always rely on an Atlas Copco compressor for strong, solid performance.

    Smart features

    Innovation is everywhere on this machine, 3 things to draw your attention to:
    1. The Smart Temperature Control (STC) system ensures the oil is always at optimal temperature, replacing the traditional mechanical thermostat
    2. Boost Flow Mode means you can temporarily and safely exceed the maximum compressor capacity.
    3. Intelligent drains limit energy use by monitoring and minimising the number of drain cycles.

    Superior connectivity

    The GA VSDS includes all the features you need to meet your operational goals:
    Connect – SMARTLINK gives you real time monitoring and optimisation capability
    Control – The Elektronikon Touch controller helps you to work smart and optimise your compressor performance.
    Manage – You are able to manage up to 6 compressors in one air network with the Equalizer 4.0
    Optimise – Atlas Copco were the first compressor manufacturer to offer OPC UA, the GA VSDS can seamlessly connect and communicate with your other production equipment.

    Small and silent

    The GA VSDS has noise levels as low as 63 dB, so you can hold a conversation next to it. With noise levels this low and the vertical compact build, it could easily be installed on the production floor without the need for a separate compressor house


    Have a look inside the new Atlas Copco GA VSDS


    View all the full technical in the brochure for this range

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