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    Faster and easier brewery processes from onsite nitrogen generation


    Polly’s Brew Co.

    Project overview:

    Installation of a nitrogen generator and associated equipment.

    What was needed:

    The customer was previously only using CO2 from cylinders for the various brewing processes.

    A number of these processes can be done using nitrogen which can be generated onsite, reducing the reliance on external suppliers.

    The new equipment will allow the brewery to generate its own nitrogen.

    What we did:

    The following equipment was installed at the brewery:

    • Atlas Copco NGM1 membrane nitrogen generator
    • Atlas Copco LV4000 11Bar nitrogen receiver
    • Atlas Copco GX2EP-10FF0200 receiver mounted
    • Atlas Copco PDp50+ filter

    The nitrogen generated is used for two of the main process in brewing. First, to push beer from tank to tank, as nitrogen displaces oxygen and carbon dioxide; and second for purging tanks, where residual from the ingredients is removed, preventing it from oxidising in the tank and spoiling the flavour of future batches.

    Key benefits:

    The new equipment has:

    • Made the processes a lot faster
    • Saved the brewery money in the production process, with payback on the new machinery expected in just over a year
    • Secured a reliable onsite supply of nitrogen
    • Given them capacity for growth

    Why PPS?

    A PPS representative dropped by the brewery for a chat earlier in the year and recommended the switch to generating nitrogen on site instead of relying only on CO2. While using nitrogen had been on Brewery Manager Sean’s radar, he hadn’t yet made any plans to investigate this.

    More about Polly’s Brew Co.

    Polly’s Brew Co is a small independent brewery launched in January 2018 by owner and brewery manager Sean Weldon.

    Based on a former farm in Mold, North Wales, the company makes craft beers that are fresh, modern and hoppy. The core Originals range has recently been joined by the new Augment range and the brewery will be expanding into new premises in 2020.