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    SGL Co-Packing get cartoning machine back up and running quickly


    Based in Nelson, Lancashire, SGL Co-Packing offers reliable and competitively priced contract packing and manufacturing for some of the top FMCG companies in the UK. Services include packaging and labelling for existing products and new launches, product pack variations and specialist packaging for new sales channels. Offering a flexible, efficient and professional approach, the company is committed to providing excellence in customer service, while leading when it comes to industry standards. PPS were called to replace a broken pneumatic cylinder on a cartoning machine on a line packing confectionery.

    What was needed

    During full production, the pneumatic cylinder rod suddenly snapped, out of the blue. A complete new cylinder was required in order for the machine to function properly and production to restart. “Generally, cylinders might leak or stick, but this one actually broke and was unsalvageable,” explains SGL Co-Packing’s Engineering Manager, Matt Carroll. “Because this was such an unlikely occurrence, we didn’t have a spare cylinder on site.”

    What we did

    Matt Carroll rang PPS and asked if they could supply a cylinder to replace the broken one. PPS was able to offer a Camozzi cylinder from the PPS stores, which would fit perfectly. “As we run our production 24 hours a day, five days a week, it was imperative to get the part quickly,” says Matt Carroll. “Before I knew it, a PPS van was outside with the new cylinder. I fitted it myself and production was up and running again within a few hours of the breakdown.”

    Why PPS?

    Matt Carroll has known PPS Managing Director Ian Harrison for many years and SGL has sourced four Atlas Copco air compressors from the company for its two sites: two GA26 VSD compressors with Smartlink built-in modems, which send an email when a warning requires attention, and two back-up GA18 models. “I’ve dealt with Pennine for a long time and rely on the company for servicing and the supply of machinery,” says Matt Carroll. “If I ever need anything, they always find a way to help me out as soon as possible.”

    Key benefits

    The speed that PPS were able to replace the broken cylinder meant that production was only down for a limited time. Matt Carroll has also been very happy with the compressors supplied. “The compressors are very quiet machines, and because they are variable speed, they will shut down and ramp back up when you need them, saving energy and money.”

    “There were no ifs, no buts – your guys resolved the issue within a few hours, without having to wait five days for a part. The breakdown could have meant a loss of production and sales, but PPS pulled out all the stops, and that has gone down in my books as one of those key moments. Thanks to Pennine for looking after me yet again – long may the relationship continue.

    Matt Carroll, Engineering Manager, SGL Co-Packing