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    Rotork Valvekits reduce energy consumption and increase capacity

    Specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of standard and non-standard mounting brackets to the valve and actuator industry, Rotork Valvekits operates worldwide, with a UK base in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire and a US base in Oklahoma.

    The multi-national has a group policy of continuously reducing its carbon footprint to promote environmental sustainability.

    What was needed?

    As Operations Manager at Rotork ValveKits, Cian Woodcock, explains: “We needed to kill two birds with one stone: first reduce our energy consumption and second increase our capacity.

    “After the data from the logger was published, we were able to see that a considerable amount of energy was being used and some even wasted. Also, we had recently expanded our machine capacity and the demand for compressed air had increased beyond the current machines’ capability.

    “Furthermore, we required additional capacity to cover future growth.”

    What we did?

    Simm began by installing data logging equipment in order to record the existing levels of energy use. Once the results were in, it became clear that there were potential savings on energy use and costs. Simm then replaced the existing L15 screw compressor with an Atlas Copco GA18VSD+FF.

    Why Simm?

    Having provided continual technical support over the years, Simm already understood the business and its requirements. As a result, Simm was able to perform the initial site investigations and installation with minimal disruption to the production schedule.

    Key Benefits

    One of the key benefits is the peace of mind that comes with running a reliable machine, explains Cian Woodcock: “The GA18VSD+FF alerts me directly (24/7) if there is a fault and, in turn, alerts Simm, who will send a technician out to repair the fault.”

    Another major plus is the reduction in the company’s carbon footprint and improved energy efficiency – a key part of Rotork’s requirement for continual improvements within its ISO 50001 accreditation.