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    Your local Desoutter Distributor

    As a Desoutter Distributor, or to give it the official title an Industry 4.0 partner, PPS is your first choice for the supply of high-quality industrial tools for 21st-century manufacturing.

    By partnering with a company at the leading edge of industry, we can help you prepare for No Faults Forward manufacturing, with intelligent assembly systems providing integrated advanced monitoring, and the digitalisation of production known as Industry 4.0 technology.

    Why work with a Desoutter Distributor?

    If your business is based in the north of England, you’ll be close to one of our four sites, located in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Hull. As a Desoutter Distributor local to you, we can offer a fast response and speedy service.

    Like Desoutter, PPS is hard to beat when it comes to peace of mind and quality of service. Our partnership means that we can help you to implement greater levels of control and monitoring in the assembly process.

    While we offer the latest Desoutter technological solutions, we recognise that adapting to Industry 4.0 does not happen overnight. Our team are on hand to guide you through the options and manage change at a rate – and a budget – that suits you.

    What can Desoutter Tools add to your site?

    The name Desoutter is synonymous with technological advance. Operating at the cutting edge of intelligent assembly, the company is continually developing new products and systems for the modern-day factory.

    From basic torque control to full data capture, traceability and process control, Desoutter assembly tools can help you to improve your processes and cycle time on the line with smart, digital and wireless products. Many of these advanced systems are future proofed, ready for integration with the technological developments of tomorrow.

    In the smart factory of today, data is key. Desoutter products provide ways of collecting and analysing data in real-time, offering essential insights into how your tools and production lines are performing. This will allow you to:

    • Improve day-to-day equipment effectiveness for operational efficiency
    • Identify and resolve problems before they occur through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
    • Reduce production costs, boost productivity and increase uptime
    • Achieve previously unattainable levels of traceability and control
    • Understand production trends to enhance long-term efficiency

    Which industries use Desoutter products?

    Many industries rely on Desoutter for technologically advanced manufacturing solutions. These range from automotive and aerospace to food and drink producers, along with manufacturers in a host of other sectors.

    A little history

    Established in 1914 as a manufacturer of artificial limbs, Desoutter developed pneumatic tools to aid the production process. By the 1950s, the company was focusing exclusively on the production of small but powerful precision tools. Today it provides worldwide solutions, with local support from partners such as PPS (you can read more about Desoutter history here).

    Talk to your Desoutter Distributor

    If you would like to discuss tooling options with a team member or request a product demo – please get in touch via email, call us on 01422 321 772 or use the form here.