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    Food processing chillers

    Industry leading food processing chillers

    The food and beverage industry is the largest manufacturing sector to use chilled water systems. Process cooling is an essential part of food and beverage production; it speeds it up, increases production output and protects the quality of the finished product.

    Process chillers that protect the integrity of your product

    Is your food processing chiller fit for purpose? There are lots of cooling solutions available but many aren’t primarily designed to work on food and beverage production lines. To maximise your efficiency, you need to know your process chillers are working in the correct environment.

    The solution – Hyperchill from Parker, precision food processing chillers you can rely on.

    The benefits of Hyperchill process chillers

    • Fast precise cooling: in-house software keeps the outlet temperature between +/- 0.5 °C
    • Robust and compact: this means you don’t need to have external tanks, pumps or control systems
    • Modular and flexible: using singular or multiple chillers Hyperchill can be perfectly specified for your system with cooling from 1.7kW to 1MW. Additionally, it can be scaled up as production expands.
    • Reliable: Parker chillers are rigorously tested to ensure an accurate and constant temperature in all operating conditions
    • Energy efficient: Hyperchill has been able to help some manufacturers cut their energy bill in half


    If you are looking to cut your energy bills, speed up production, reduce waste and product spoilage…

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