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    Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd achieves triple ISO certification

    Pennine Pneumatics Services Ltd (PPS) has achieved a triple ISO certification that recognises their dedication to continual improvement and drive for excellence for their customers, employees and community. The triple certification includes ISO 9001 Quality management systems, ISO 14001 Environmental management systems and ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems.

    Globally recognised, ISO standards help consumers find products and services that are safe, reliable and high quality. For businesses, they provide frameworks in focus areas to drive continual improvement. For PPS this certification shows they are committed to delivering consistent quality in all goods and services, that they are taking control of their environmental impact and are actively managing their waste and resource efficiency, as well as a clear commitment to worker wellbeing.

    “Our certification is in three key subject areas of our business; quality, the environment and health and safety. It is recognition of our commitment to following best practice in these areas. The ISO standards keep us on our toes and ensure we are actively managing our systems for continual improvement.” Commented Matt O’Connor, PPS Managing Director.

    “The industries we work in, we have a duty to ensure the environmental footprint is understood and can be actively managed and to help customers achieve environmental and sustainable goals.

    “This has been a significant project for our teams across every branch and department of PPS, the certification is testament to every individuals hard work in delivering this”.

    PPS will now be subject to annual reassessments to ensure they maintain the high standards they have committed to through the ISO certifications. This gives PPS customers peace of mind in the goods and services they receive and keeps everyone within PPS committed to their goals around their environmental impact and health and safety in the workplace.