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    PPS welcomes work experience students on National Apprenticeship Week

    We came to PPS for work experience, recommended to us by our head of sixth form at King Ecgbert School as part of a 15 hour placement.

    Engineering has always been a possible career path as we are both taking a course called Design Engineering and Construction which has aspects of engineering in it. During our time at PPS we have participated in a mixture of practical and more office based tasks, broadening our understanding of the industry and developing our skills for the working environment.

    Initially, we knew nothing about the compressed air and pneumatic industry specifically, and we have been informed it is a key factor in all business and industries. This is because air compressors either serve as a source of power, for example the healthcare and food markets. They provide hospitals with effective power tools, machinery and breathing apparatus for patients, and supermarkets with food that is well preserved and suitable for consumption. These are just a few examples of the many uses of compressed air machinery that we have interacted with on site, during our two day placement, which we were previously unaware of.


    The team catered to our needs by ensuring our safety on site, giving us an understanding of the processes and the functions of different machinery, and provided us with interactive practical and theory based activities. Their expertise allowed us to have a clear insight on the industry and in particular the possible roles and responsibilities that come with the career of an engineer and marketing and sales advisors of the business. For example, one of the team members called Ed guided us and explained to us the way the machinery works, how to operate them, what issues may occur and how to resolve them, all whilst allowing us to do practical tasks ourselves and safely. Another example would be Alan and Andy who facilitated this placement and were the ones who explained the company and the R&G Group and Diploma PLC to us, and set up a group project and presentation on sustainability and ways for the business to reduce its carbon footprint.

    In conclusion we would say that the experience has been one of a kind, the staff have been really welcoming, informative and passionate about their career. Not only will the work experience help us in employment later on and acquiring new skill sets, but opened up a great insight into the career of engineering as a whole.


    Article written by King Ecgbert students: Corin Varela and Usman Khan