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    Ducting & Extraction

    At PPS, we now offer the design, installation and maintenance of ducting and extraction systems for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

    • Automotive
    • Chemical and pharmaceutical
    • Domestic and industrial kitchen units
    • Electrical goods and components
    • Food and drink
    • Furniture
    • Paper, card and wood
    • Plastic and foam
    • Textiles

    Installing a ducting system is important at manufacturing sites where fumes and dust are produced, but it can also help you reduce your energy bills when employed as part of a heat recovery system.

    We now offer a turnkey solution, comprising ducting, pipework and compressed air systems, including the latest state-of-the-art Atlas Copco variable speed drive air compressors.

    Procuring everything you need under one roof will save you time and money – and advice from our experts will give you peace of mind.

    External ducting

    Why is ducting important?

    Ducting is important for all of the following applications:

    • Removing dust or fumes produced during manufacturing to ensure that dangerous airborne particles do not contaminate breathing air or present a fire risk
    • Venting warm or cold air out of a building to prevent a workplace becoming too hot or too cold
    • Distributing warm or cold air within a workplace to help regulate ambient temperature

    Installing the correct system can save money on your energy bills and ensure a clean, safe and comfortable working environment for your employees, improving morale and productivity.

    What are the different types of ducting?

    Compressor discharge ducting

    If you are already operating an air compressor or our engineers are installing a new compressor at your site, ducting is used to discharge air produced by the compressor.

    How this air is discharged will be based on where the air compressor is located and what you require the ambient temperature around the air compressor to be. In some cases, for example at a manufacturing unit where a lot of heat is produced, warm air from the air compressor will simply need venting outside.

    However, one of the benefits of ducting is that it can offer energy saving solutions through a variable control damper, which can be set to discharge warm air outside in the summer and inside during the winter months, reducing your heating bills.

    atlas copco compressor ducting by PPS

    Inlet ducting

    Air compressors rely on a good source of fresh air to operate at maximum capacity.
    Installing a fresh air inlet duct allows good quality fresh air to be vented from outside into your compressor, removing or reducing the need for filters.

    Ducting for spray painting booths

    Many industries use spray painting as part of their manufacturing process, for example for coating kitchen cabinets or car bodywork.

    For the health and safety of your workers, spray painting booths should always have a good venting system. We can design and install the spray booth (wet and dry filter systems), with all extraction supplied and fitted, along with the relevant pipework. We can also provide the ancillary equipment, from air compressors to spray guns and any air tools required. In short, we can offer the complete package – from design to full production.

    Clip Together ductwork systems

    Clip Together ductwork system can be used in industrial air cleaning and process ventilation systems of all types – essentially, almost anywhere there is a dust collector, weld or fume collector, baghouse or cyclone installed.
    Clean air provides a safer environment for workers and can help maintain machinery efficiency. Proper air filtration also reduces the risk of fires and explosions, which can be caused by the build up of combustible dust.

    Clip Together ductwork is manufactured from galvanised steel with plasma welded seams, which have smoother internal surfaces for significantly enhanced leak resistance. It’s also easier to clean, as sections can be removed, cleaned and put back in place in a matter of minutes. Stainless steel 316 is also available in Clip Together, suitable for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
    Ideal for all general purpose extraction and ventilation duties, Clip Together ductwork is one of the best systems on the market.

    How is ducting made?

    Making and installing ducting is a skilled craft, which is why we employ an expert team with extensive experience in sheet metalwork.
    Accuracy is essential when measuring and building these systems, as even a small miscalculation could lead to air leakage.

    To create your bespoke system, we will spend time on site to discuss your requirements and take measurements. The ducting will then be created off site at our workshop in Brighouse to allow us to use specialist tools and reduce disruption at your premises. Finally, the completed system will be installed at your site.

    Our experienced team have the skill to produce all kinds of ducting, including transition or offset pieces that lead from a new or existing compressor to another piece of ductwork, and connecting square ducting to cylindrical flexible pieces.

    We can also link up a newly installed compressor to any discharge ductwork that you already have in place.

    While most ducting is made from galvanised steel, we can provide stainless steel variants suitable for food manufacturers, the pharmaceutical sector and any other site where strong chemicals are used in clean down.

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      We would like to keep in touch with you about relevant services. Please indicate the methods you are happy for us to use. We will never share your information with third parties.

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