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    Portable Air Conditioner Hire

    With hire options and three different sizes available, we’ll have a portable air conditioner hire unit that is best suited to your requirements.

    These flexible portable units can be used for cooling and heating, making them ideal for year-round use. Being compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assist makes them easy to use and control. Each unit includes a ducted exhaust hose to vent hot air to the outside of the building. The unit also benefits from an automatic inbuilt condensate pump that can condense the water out with the exhaust air, so there is generally no need to empty the water tank (except in extremely humid conditions).

    Typical applications:

    • Small to Medium Office Areas – which have no AC fitted or failed fitted systems
    • Porta Cabins – production or manufacturing sites
    • Canteens
    • Waiting/ Reception Areas
    • Domestic Use – the units can be utilised in homes

    We have 3 sizes of portable air conditioner hire units available:

    35GW = 3.5KW Cooling Capacity OR 3.7KW Heating
    45GW = 4.1KW Cooling Capacity OR 4.6KW Heating
    55GW = 5.2kw Cooling Capacity OR 5.6KW Heating

    Hire options available from £35
    Buying options available from £380


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    Why is air conditioning so important in the workplace?

    One of the biggest aims for a business and employer is to keep its employees consistently happy and productive, and to maintain a comfortable working environment.

    A big contributing factor to this is having an air conditioning system in the workplace. Scientists and studies have agreed that the temperature and humidity of an office has a direct impact on the productivity and wellbeing of employees.

    To keep your employees happy, awake and focused longer, the temperature of the workplace should be set and maintained at a suitable level.

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