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    Why is air conditioning so important in the workplace?

    One of the biggest aims for a business and employer is to keep its employees consistently happy and productive, and to maintain a comfortable working environment.

    A big contributing factor to this is having an air conditioning system in the workplace. Scientists and studies have agreed that the temperature and humidity of an office has a direct impact on the productivity and wellbeing of employees. If a room is too hot, employees are more likely to feel sleepy and it will be a lot more difficult for them to concentrate. On the other hand, temperatures that are too low can lead to illnesses and complaints.

    To keep your employees happy, awake and focused longer, the temperature of the workplace should be set and maintained at a suitable level.

    How can it improve your workplace?


    1. Reactive to environments

    Modern air conditioning systems are sophisticated enough to be able to detect changes in temperature in the surrounding environments and respond quickly to those changes. This means you don’t have to mess with changing controls, and the unit can continue to operate at the most efficient and appropriate temperature.

    2. Humidity

    Everybody knows how horrible, feeling hot and sticky at work is. It can affect productivity levels and cause a lot of office-moan! Humidity can make an environment feel hotter than it actually is, which can make workers feel sleepy and unfocused. Air conditioning can eliminate ‘stickiness’ by removing excess moisture from the air.

    3. Improved air quality

    Typically, busy offices can often be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and even though it’s relatively easy to sanitise surfaces with cleaning products, treating the air isn’t quite as simple. Especially since the spread of COVID-19, having a clean workplace has never been more important. The air can also contain potential allergens that can cause allergic reactions for some people, and distract your employees from their work. Having an air conditioning system will keep the air in your office clean and filtered, and reduce the number of nasty particles breathed by your staff and customers.

    4. No noise operation

    Modern systems are very quiet, if not silent, especially compared to the constant and distracting whirring of fans. Even though an air conditioning system is constantly monitoring and responding to the environment, you wouldn’t know it, and your workplace will remain undisturbed by the system.

    5. Alertness levels

    There is a noticeable difference between breathing ordinary air and AC generated air. Having fresh air-conditioned air flowing through your office will not only help to keep your employees healthy, but also help them remain more alert, and therefore more productive.


    If you’re wanting a comfortable and productive working environment, full of focused, happy and healthy staff, air conditioning is a must-have.

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