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Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist

If you are wondering what should be on your air compressor maintenance checklist, then look no further. We have put together the essentials here and included a handy pdf you can download, print and put up by your air compressor.

This list is designed to be checks you can do on site. If you feel more comfortable having a compressed air engineer complete the checks then give us a ring. Our support for customers varies depending on their needs, some we visit yearly others we visit monthly to help them work on condition monitoring alongside servicing. Everything is tailored to prolonging the life of the air compressor, ensuring efficient operation and avoiding production downtime.

Remember – compressor output will deteriorate by more than 10% without proper maintenance

Weekly air compressor maintenance

  • Check oil level
  • Check readings on display
  • Check that condensate is discharged during operation
  • Drain condensate (compressed air receiver)
  • Check the pressure dew-point temperature (compressors with integrated dryer)
  • Check coolers, clean if necessary
  • On Full-Feature units: check condenser of dryer and clean if necessary
  • Check the filter element of the electric cabinet (if applicable). Replace if necessary.

Monthly air compressor maintenance

  • For units with built-in dryer: Inspect condenser of dryer and clean if necessary. Press the button on top of the electronic water drain (EWD). Open the manual drain valve(s) (Dm, DM1) to clean the filter inside the EWD.

Quarterly air compressor maintenance

  • Remove the air filter element and inspect. Replace damaged or heavily contaminated elements.
  • Check your compressor run hours, are you due to have a service?


Download the air compressor maintenance checklist

air compressor maintenance checklist

Air compressor maintenance checklist – click to download

Got a question about air compressor maintenance or servicing?

You can contact us here, email us on service@pps.co.com or give us a ring on 01422 321 772.


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