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    PPS apprentice interview for National Manufacturing Day

    National Manufacturing Day is a great time to recognise the value of manufacturing apprenticeships and celebrate the great impact it has for the manufacturing industry and the next generation.

    This National Manufacturing Day we feature Christian who has recently finished his four-year apprenticeship at PPS.

    Route into apprenticeship:

    After studying at college for two years, I went on to become an apprentice as I liked the idea of working and learning at the same time. Throughout my apprenticeship I have completed level 2, 3 and 4 in mechanical and electrical engineering.

    Why PPS?

    While I was at college I heard about the training provider Appris, and I signed up with them. They are based in Bradford and work closely with PPS to deliver engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships. I didn’t know much about air compressors before starting, but I thought working with them would be interesting and I wanted to find out more.

    I like the mix of being in the workshop and also out on the road. Plus, everyone at PPS is really easy to get along with – it’s a very welcoming environment.

    Path of study:

    For my apprenticeship, I did one full day at college a week and four days working at PPS. We got assignments each week to work on at college. Every month a tutor from Appris would come to check how we were getting on and there was plenty of help and support from everyone at PPS.

    What do you enjoy most about the job?

    Mainly the breakdowns. I like solving problems so I’m always up for a breakdown challenge. Sometimes it can be tricky trying to find a fault, but you feel very accomplished once it’s fixed!

    What sort of jobs have you been part of?

    I’ve been involved in lots of jobs, both mechanical and electrical, as well as working with the installation team to fit compressors and pipework. Not much stumps the PPS engineers and we’ll always stay there until we find what’s wrong, even if it’s a very challenging fix. It’s not always machine faults, sometimes it can be water and other issues.

    What has been the most interesting application you have seen?

    Installing a new motor and inverter at a manufacturer of skin care products. I also went to a company that uses compressors as part of the process of burning medical waste, where we took out an old compressor and installed a new one.

    What has been the most unexpected part of the role?

    Finding out all the different industries that use compressed air. I didn’t know how many products I use myself are produced using compressed air. Also the travelling, I have been to so many different places to help our customers with their compressed air production.

    What’s next now you’ve qualified?

    I’ll be continuing to progress my career and build more skills. I’ve had my own van for about a year now so it’s been great to have more independence and go on the roads more by myself. I look forward to doing this more now that I am fully qualified.

    What have learnt now that you didn’t know at the start?

    All the different applications and industries that rely on compressed air and pneumatics. I didn’t know how much it affects production and how vital it is for all manufacturing.

    Advice to someone looking at the apprenticeship route:

    I’d firstly encourage people to get their driving license as soon as possible. The sooner you get it then the sooner you can get out on your own, and you definitely learn more and quicker on your own. I’d also really recommend the apprenticeship route to anyone who likes the idea of studying and working. It offers so many benefits and is a really good way to kickstart your career.

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