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    Pennine Pneumatic Services wins Atlas Copco’s Distributor of the Year award 2019

    Rising to the challenge in difficult times is what we do best here at PPS, which is why we are particularly thrilled to have won the Atlas Copco Distributor of the Year award for 2019.

    An Atlas Copco Premier Distributor for the past 29 years, PPS first won the Distributor of the Year award back in 1994, followed by further wins in 2013 and 2015.

    Teamwork across the business
    The award was presented by Alexander Pavlov, General Manager of Atlas Copco Compressors UK, who said: “PPS have been consistent performers throughout a challenging year of pre-Brexit business uncertainty. The splendid results of their teamwork across all business lines has contributed greatly to the growth and success of Atlas Copco over this period.”

    PPS compressed air engineers working
    Creating a positive atmosphere for the team is all-important at PPS, while ongoing business development training has benefited staff and customers alike. Individuals have also stood out for their achievements, including Leland Heslop, who won Apprentice of the Year at the Calderdale Excellence in Business Awards 2019.

    The strength of the team here at PPS, along with our holistic approach and commitment to going the extra mile for our customers and suppliers, has made a significant contribution to our ongoing success. As Managing Director Ian Harrison pointed out: “We were 42% above our annual target on the number of Atlas Copco units sold, and, in terms of order value, we returned a healthy 39% over budget. Overall, the company’s business has grown by a factor of 21%.”

    Energy savings and innovation
    Established in Halifax in 1991, PPS now supports a wide range of manufacturers and other industrial customers in the West Yorkshire region and beyond.

    Key to our outstanding performance in the past year was the ability to offer energy-saving solutions to our customers, courtesy of Atlas Copco’s state-of-the-art VSD and VSD+ compressors, supported by competitive servicing packages. Our offer also extended to the latest rotary screw vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators that facilitated on-site production, and smart controller technology. Having sold the very first Atlas Copco NGM series nitrogen generator unit in the UK, we have followed closely the company’s innovative developments, which have helped to establish it as an industry leader.

    Competitive edge
    In addition, our sales team won internal sales promotion competitions for industrial gases projects and for refrigerant dryer equipment. The team also works hard to cement community relations and attend networking events, while investment in our digital presence has brought dividends.

    A final word from PPS Managing Director, Ian Harrison:

    “Teamwork is our watchword. A can-do attitude dedicated to delivering the very best in customer service. We have an overriding mission to enable our customers to benefit from the potential energy efficiency savings that can be achieved with the right choice of equipment and systems. The Atlas Copco brand, its products and support helps us in this endeavour and encourages our drive to win business.”