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Ondrives create more manufacturing capacity from their trusted supplier

Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Ondrives is a leading manufacturer of precision gears, gearboxes and mechanical drive components.

With a long established history, the company prides itself on staying at the forefront of precision manufacturing by investing in state-of-the-art equipment.

What was needed?

One of the company’s air compressors had suffered bearing failure and was on its way out, and a dryer had also broken down. There were also plans to move the air compressors to a different part of the building.

“We’d upgraded our equipment and had more machines, so we needed more capacity – we had a suspicion we were teetering on the edge,” says Managing Director, Andy Higgs.

What we did?

The first step was for Simm to data log the existing machinery to record current energy use. Following the results, the company’s two ageing 18kW air compressors were replaced with one new Atlas Copco GA30VSD air compressor.

Simm also installed extra air purification with an Atlas Copco QDT95 carbon tower and DD & PD130+ line filters. For future peace of mind, Ondrives also put the air compressor on an Atlas Copco extended warranty ComfortAIR agreement.

Why Simm?

Ondrives already had a strong ongoing relationship with Simm going back to 2012 and had a service agreement in place.

Key Benefits

The new machinery brought a total potential energy saving of £3,875.00 per annum. But even beyond the cost and environmental savings, Ondrives rates customer service as a key factor in the decision to use Simm rather than another company.

“Every supplier says they can save me money by putting in new machinery, but if it isn’t done efficiently and in the right time scale it can end up costing more in the end,” says Andy Higgs.

“As we are running high-volume manufacturing equipment, if a compressor isn’t working we have to stop manufacturing, which costs money. So service and reliability are the main priorities.”