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    Parker Chillers

    If you are looking to optimise the efficiency of your production processes, Parker chillers are the way forward.

    An industry leader in the supply of production process water chillers, Parker specialises in high-quality products that take advantage of the latest advances in chiller technology.

    With a wide range of sizes, types and accessories, Parker chillers are designed for a variety of industrial applications. Compact, reliable and easy to set up and use, they are suitable for applications with compressed gas, chilled water and process fluids.

    Parker chillers – the choice is yours

    A well-established brand, with a proven track record, Parker offers a wide range of point-of-use application chillers to meet the needs of all industrial applications.

    Parkers Hyperchill units include:

    • Hyperchill industrial process chillers for precision cooling – uitable for a variety of industrial applications, these offer precise temperature control, with cooling capacities ranging from 76kW to 360kW at 25°C ambient temperature. Fitted with a hydraulic circuit, large water tanks, electronic controllers and the option of remote monitoring
    • Hyperchill Laser industrial process chillers for precision cooling – perfect for laser marking, cutting and welding processes, where precision cooling is required to remove the significant heat generated. Featuring a non-ferrous hydraulic circuit, these chillers reduce thermal stress on a laser system and help to maintain laser wavelength and beam quality.
    • Hyperchill Plus industrial water chillers for precision cooling of low-viscosity industrial cooling fluids – these are designed to give accurate temperature control for a range of industrial applications, with cooling capacities from 1.7kW to 58.3kW at 25°C ambient temperature. Completely configurable, they have a non-ferrous hydraulic circuit and a differential pressure switch to shut the system down if the circuit runs dry.
    • Hyperchill BioEnergy water chillers for biogas and landfill gas cooling applications – these are designed specifically for applications using Biogas, which needs to be dried by cooling it to temperatures close to 5°C. Offering highly accurate control of water temperature, these chillers can be operated safely and reliably, even in the typically harsh conditions of anaerobic digesters and landfill Biogas production sites.
    • Kits and accessories – to complement the range, Parkers offers water fill kits and remote control kits, plus accessories such as water filters and control panel covers.

    Benefits of the Parker chiller range

    Parker is an established brand with many years in the cooling business. All chiller units are rigorously tested in a variety of working environments.

    When you invest in a Parker chiller, you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality, well-built unit that has been developed for reliability, ruggedness and ease of commissioning and use.

    The benefits of the range include:

    • Reliability – robust and dependable, even in extreme ambient conditions
    • Excellent efficiency – better for the planet, and your bottom line
    • Small footprint – designed to fit unobtrusively into a variety of working conditions
    • Easy to install, operate and maintain – with electronic controllers and a design that lends itself to easy access for servicing
    • Design features such as differential pressure switch and non-ferrous hydraulic circuits ensure stable working conditions, aid productivity and reduce maintenance costs and plant downtime
    • When purchasing, make sure you get expert advice from a specialist chiller distributor. If selected correctly, one versatile unit can take care of a wide range of applications, saving you on costs.

    Chillers for all your industrial uses

    The industries that use Parker chillers include but are not limited to:

    • Automotive
    • Biogas and natural gas treatment
    • Chemical, medical and pharmaceutical
    • Food and drink
    • Manufacturing – electroplating baths
    • Plastics
    • Printing and packaging

    Chillers are a key component of welding engineering, injection moulding, laser cutting, electroplating baths, medical imaging systems, coating systems, thermoform machines, machine tools, extruders and blow mould machines.

    Case Study: Hospital chillers, Somerset

    PPS supplied two Parker chillers for the principal contractor fitting out a scanner room at a leading hospital in Somerset. The chillers were specially designed for use with MRI scanners, with non-ferrous components for the water tank.

    Our expert’s opinion

    Matt Banks has been working in the refrigeration and cooling industry for 21 years and has extensive experience of working with customers who use Parker chillers.

    Factory/manufacturer trained, he has worked in the UK, mainland Europe and beyond with many large players in the industry, including hospitals, pharmaceutical and automotive companies.

    Matt says: “It’s key that we work with world-class equipment suppliers to ensure that the quality and detail is passed on to our customers at a competitive price point. Parker is the ideal partner to fit our business and client needs.”

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      We would like to keep in touch with you about relevant services. Please indicate the methods you are happy for us to use. We will never share your information with third parties.

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