Atlas Copco Compressed Air Filter DD15+


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Technical Specification

Product type: DD+
Filter size: 15+
Nominal capacity (l/s, cfm): 15, 32
Reference pressure (bar e, psig): 7, 102
Maximum pressure (bar e, psig): 16, 232
Connections (G): G½
Connections (NPT): NPT½
Weight (kg): 1.24
Contaminant: Oil aerosol/wet dust
Test method: ISO 8573-2:2018, ISO 12500-1:2007
Maximum carry-over (mg/m3): 0.08*
Average wet pressure drop (mbar): 119


The DD+ filter from Atlas Copco is a reliable and efficient oil coalescing filter. It effectively reduces oil aerosol and wet dust in your compressed air. These contaminents can come from compressor element lubrication, the installation itself or the intake air.

Removing the contaminents with the correct filtration will prevent corroding or degarding of your equipment, extending the life of your machinery and helping you avoid downtime.